Oral presentation sessions will consist of previously recorded platform presentations followed by live discussion. During the discussion the audience may pose questions to the presenters, who shall be present in the live session in question. The session is led by a scientific chair and moderated by technical moderators.

Oral  presentation is a presentation with a length of 10 minutes (oral). Due to concise presentation time, we highly recommend you to concentrate on the most important points of your research only in your presentation, e.g. presenting only the main results instead of background information. The recommended maximum number of slides is 10 (oral). Please use the template available here.

The oral and panel presentation will be recorded beforehand by the presenter. The presentation shall consist of slides and video/voice of the presenter. The presentation may be recorded using free ZOOM software or alternatively you can also use another software for recording. The recorded oral presentation will be displayed in the session appointed in the program. The recordings will also be available for the access of conference audience in the conference platform. The adequate format for your recording file is mp4.

All presentations should be sent to the session co-chairman before the conference. Authors will be obliged to attend the online discussion after the presentation. The rehearsal session will be organized before the conference. Your session co-chairman will send you details about your session soon.


Posters are stationed in the poster exhibition section of the conference platform. Please use the poster template provided here.

The audience may access the poster exhibition at any time during the conference.

In addition to a poster in electronic format, the presenters are kindly asked to record a short video/voice tape introducing themselves and their research. The recommended length of the video is max. 3 minutes. The video may be recorded using free ZOOM software, or alternatively you can also use another software for recording. The recording will be linked to the poster in the poster section. This video/voice recording is not required from the poster presentations but highly recommended.

The adequate format for the poster is .pdf and for the recording file mp4.

Posters should be sent to the conference secretary (


The deadline for presentations and posters submission is March 20th  2022!

Full text

It is possible (but not obligatory) to send your full paper to be considered in the conference journal. For full text, please use the following template.   Please send your full text to:  The deadline for full text is May 14th 2022.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us: